May 25, 2010

Street Fighter The Movie

Even though it is a far stretch to classify this movie as a live action, I figured since it is based on a great game, it has a place here on Zeta Pulse. We all know that pretty much every movie based on games and Anime series tend to have little to no accuracy when it comes to following the story line. This film is no exception. Nontheless, it is still a good movie IMO. There is a large cast of characters (considering at the time the alpha series hadn't been released) from the Street Fighter II games. The actors selected are also good physical representations of the characters in the games. I could have stood to see Ryu and Ken with a little more size, to be honest, they didn't look like the powerhouses we all grew up with in the games. But there remaining characters were well selected. The story basically follows the whole Shadowloo versus the U.N. Forces being lead by Guile.

The story again ends with the whole good guys win as usual, however, the character development and the attempt to explain the relationships between the characters was interesting. When you think about it, how to you really write a script based on a game where each character kicks the others ass. I can see the challenge in trying to incorporate a decent sized roster in the movie and still have them develop relationships to determine which sides they are one. It was also good to see that the moves given tot he charcters like Ryu's Hadouken and Bison's Psycho Crusher were incorporated into the film.

As cheesy as this movie has been called by so many, I still recommend it to anyone who likes a good action movie and has had the chance to enjoy any of the street fighter games. It really was one of the few that didn't completely butcher the game franchise after its production. And really, who wouldn't want to see Jean-Claude Van Guile kick Bisons ass with a spin kick.


  1. On one hand this movie is totally retarded. Yet in many ways it seemed faithful to the game. Bison as an example. So I have to give them credit for keeping to the source material.

  2. Well, I was young when this movie came out. But, I saw it recently and I liked it because of all the action. I love a good action movie. Even though it was somewhat chessy, it seemed faithful to the game.

  3. I think it is fair to say that between this and the other live action Street Fighter movie that this one plays closer to the roots of the original story.