May 29, 2011

Rave Master

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I've had a pretty full plate between work and my personal life and its definitely cut into my anime time. For the past couple of weeks now I've been watching Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave). This has been a pretty entertaining series to watch; I just wish I had a little more free time so that I could've finished it quicker.
The story follows Haru, a teenage warrior from Garage Island who has been given the title of Rave Master. The duty of the Rave Master is to destroy the Shadow Stones that are plaguing the world with evil. As Haru embarks on his quest to locate all of the Rave Stones, he comes across some interesting friends along the way. As Haru and his friends continue their quest to find the Rave Stones, they each begin to see how their individual quests are very much connected. Haru begins to learn the history of his family and why his father abandoned him, Elie learns the origins of who she really is, and Musica learns the connection that the Silver Ray has to the Rave Stones.
The story is fairly linear and there aren't a great deal of twists. For someone who doesn't have the energy to sit through a show that requires a lot of thinking, this one ended up being perfect for me. The character development was average for the most part and the story went at a fair pace. The animation style did give me the feeling that I was watching a show more for older kids than adults, very much like Naruto. As a whole though, this was an enjoyable series to watch and didn't feel like a waste of time. It has also heightened my interest to play the game on GameCube now that I know the characters and the story. I recommend watching this for people who are fans of shows such as Shaman King and Dragon Drive.


  1. I just finished the last few episodes of this series today and I have to say I am not impressed with the ending...or lack thereof. Still a good watch though. Definitely keeps the door open for a sequel.

  2. they should really really make a second season of it the first was awesome!

  3. I have to agree with you on that. A second season would be very welcome.

  4. I don't know if you will read this, but just read the manga.
    There you can find the full story and it's just as great as the anime :D I think the chapter where the anime ends is around chapter 70 or something like that. All together there are about 300 chapters :D


  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check out the manga to find out how the series progresses.