May 28, 2013

Trinity Blood

This series is set in the future after the Armageddon, vampires and humans fight for control. A traveling priest named Abel Nightroad is the main character. Abel himself is neither human nor vampire; he is a different being all together. He is called a Crusnik, “a vampire that eats other vampires.”  He works for a section of the Vatican known as AX which works to preserve the balance of power and to stop a war that many humans and vampires seem intent on starting. 

The storyline is lacking and doesn’t seem to have a flow to it. It seems that more effort was put into the animation than the story. The fight scenes are well done and I enjoy the transformation of Abel Nightroad from an ordinary looking priest into a creature that eats vampires. The girls are the usual for a more shonen series, big breasted and usually in tight clothing. The secondary male characters are fun though and one is a robot who kicks ass, he reminded me a lot of the Terminator with its speech and mannerisms. It’s a series that has many beautiful characters with wonderful costumes that any cosplayer would love to show off at a con. I found this series to be a fun show to watch and felt it was similar to many other vampire animes I’ve seen.

Overall I enjoyed this series but felt disappointed with the ending. I had many questions the series left unanswered and I felt the story could’ve used more work. The manga is slowly being released, so if you want answers you’ll be waiting for awhile. The visuals are nice though and it’s a fun series. If you enjoy vampire anime such as Hellsing, I believe you’ll like this anime as well.

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