May 15, 2011

Lunar The Silver Star Harmony

Well I ended up spending the better part of this past weekend in bed trying to get over a cold. Surprisingly, I didn't even have enough energy to sit on the couch and watch any anime. After having a long chat with my younger brother on what we liked and disliked about the different gaming platforms on the market, I started to have some renewed interest in my PSP. I figured why not dust off the handheld and give the battery a charge. Currently I am in a strategy/RPG phase so this was a perfect time to put some gameplay on my PSP.

I picked up Lunar Silver Star Harmony back in March 2010 when it released. Being a lifelong fan of the series I had to add this title to my collection. I remember getting the Silver Star Story Complete edition on Playstation when it came out a number of years ago and was very excited to see the graphics overhaul on the PSP title.

For the most part, the game remains the same as its original counterparts (PSX, SEGA Saturn, SEGA CD). The story still follows Alex on his quest to become the Dragon Master. The real notable changes are the graphics and the world map. The graphics are much cleaner and pleasing to look at. The world map removes the need to explore in order to locate cities. Now players just push the direction buttons and a cursor will move to the available cities/destinations.

For those who are fans of the series, this is a great title to add to your collection. While I have seen mixed reviews, most of the negative comes from people who either hated the series to begin with from it's early days, or were expecting a remake with a tonne of "new" features that separated it from the original. While I can appreciate the desire for change on classic titles such as this one, the updated graphics and loyalty to the original story were exactly what I was hoping to see with this game.

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