August 22, 2010

Eden of the East

As I was going through my RSS feeds for the day, I stumbled across a trailer for Eden of the East. This show has been around since 2009, but Funimation has just started advertising for its North American release in English. From what I saw on the trailer it looked pretty good. I'll be anticipating the release of it here because it looks like something worth adding to the collection.

Based on the description from AnimeNewsNetwork this story revolves around a terrorist event in 2010 when 10 missiles strike Japan. After the incident this mysterious guy comes and saves this girl who is living in the US when she gets into some trouble. The guy appears to have lost his memory and only has a cell phone loaded up with cash and a gun.

Based on the story description alone, it doesn't sound like anything worth jumping through hoops for, but after watching the trailer, this story doesn't seem so bland.



  1. Eden of the East was really good

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm really looking forward to checking this out.

  3. I like that he has the phone loaded up with tons of minutes. just kind of funny.

  4. If I had a phone with that many minutes, I would sell it. Sometimes common sense tends to escape these anime characters. Although, I haven't seen it yet so I'm sure there is a need for the phone that can only be understood from watching the show. However, if it turns out the phone isn't really needed, then I stick to my initial statement.

  5. Massed amount of minutes = Phone sex line, and you said there might not be a real good reason for the phone. Not like he is protecting an hot innocent maiden in distress or anything...oh wait.

  6. As anime has shown us in the past though Scallywag, the guys are either complete pervs in which case the idea of using the massively loaded phone for phone sex would be obvious, or they are completely oblivious to the fact that girls are even around make us question where their priorities lie.