September 06, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club

The series follows the new girl in school Haruhi Fujioka. She is a scholarship student in a school full of rich kids. Haruhi starts off by trying to find a place to study in the school and ends up finding a music room which has been turned into a host club by the six most popular boys in the school. After she stumbles in, she happens to break a very expensive vase and since the poor scholarship student can’t pay to replace it they make a deal that she’ll become a host and work off her debt. Because of this she pretends to be a boy, after such the comedy and fun begin.

This series is very much a typical shojo harem anime. Haruhi soon finds herself surrounded by handsome men and eventually feelings develop between more than one of them. During her time with the host club she develops bonds of friendship and finds a place at the school that she most likely wouldn’t have found if she had not become a host.

The series overall is a comedy with a little romance throughout. I won’t go into the differences between the anime and manga but both are worth taking some time to look into. The animation is decent but there is a lot of pink used in this series, such as the school itself is pink. There are some moments though in the anime that I don’t quite understand such as the twins of the host club flirting with each other and the girls loving it. The twins are interesting characters though and you get to see them develop as the series progresses. The each host offers something different so that no matter a lady’s preference the club should be able to provide. They have the “prince” type, “cool” type, “devil” type, “strong silent” type and “loli shota” type. Each character has very strong personalities and each type brings a little something different to the show.

Overall I found the series to be light hearted and funny. This is an anime that is for fans of shojo so if you can’t watch a show without blood and violence then this isn’t for you. There’s no real action, the show is simply comedy with some romance throw in. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys harem animes.

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