January 19, 2013

Zoids Guardian Force

Zoids Guardian Force is the second arc in the Zoids Chaotic Century series. The series takes place after the Van and his friends defeat the Deathsaurer and save the Empire. during this arc, Van and Zeke join the Republic Army, where they further their training to pursue Van's dream to become a great zoid pilot like his father. After the Deathsaurer incident the Republic and Empire jointly create a special unit known as the Guardian Force. The role of the Guardian Force is to intervene in matters that put the Empire or Republic at risk. Van is also a member of the Guardian Force, where he teams up with Thomas Scheaubalts (Carl Scheaubalts' younger brother) and his D-Bison.

Through much of the story Van and Thomas, along with some familiar faces from the first arc, investigate the appearance of two mysterious individuals and their organoids who are launching attacks on both the Empire and Republic with no clear motives. Adding to the problem, Raven reawakens from his deep mental sleep along with a newly evolved Genosaurer.

The Guardian Force arc has not been as entertaining as the first Chaotic Century arc. As the characters begin moving on with their lives, occasionally crossing paths, it feels very disconnected as a whole. While the zoid action scenes are still entertaining as ever, the story development feels quite weak. I've been working on this arc now for 8 weeks and still not finished. It's been a little more challenging to get into compared to how the Chaotic Century series started.

The series still boasts the same animation and soundtrack features from the first arc, with the only real difference being the difference in character design now that The characters are getting older. Even the intro theme has remained the same 67 episodes later.

Overall, Zoids Guardian Force has been fairly enjoyable. While there are some aspects whi h have made it harder to get into, this is more of a personal preference on my part and many anime fans may find a much more positive experience than I have. I would recommend checking Zoids Guardian Force out for any existing fans of the series or those who enjoy lots of CG elements mixed in with traditional anime.

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