January 22, 2013


15 year old Kagome falls into a well located on her family’s shine and ends up in the feudal era of Japan. Little does she know she is the reincarnation of a priestess who protected a scared jewel. The scared jewel has amazing powers and many demons and humans alike want it for themselves. Kagome finds a half demon named Inuyasha stuck to a tree, she releases him from the tree when she is attacked by a demon. Kagome and Inuyasha soon work together to defeat a powerful demon named Naraku. Along the way three others who also want to kill Naraku join them; Miroku, a perverted monk with a hole in his hand that sucks everything a curse from Naraku, Sango, a demon slayer whose family is destroyed by Naraku, and third is Shippo, a young fox demon that Kagome takes in after his father was killed. 

Inuyasha was one of the first animes I ever watched. It’s a great blend between Shonen and Shojo anime. There is action, comedy, romance and adventure. It has a little something for everyone. It’s a lengthy series of 167 episodes so if you want to watch it be prepared to make a time commitment. Also the series just ends without any conclusion, if you are interested in what happens next you’ll have to watch Inuyasha The Final Act.

The animation is good, the characters are easy to tell a part but there are some issues. The main character Kagome wears a school uniform to hike through the past, instead of more reasonable clothing. There’s nothing major just a few things that you have to overlook once in awhile. The character development is done well, nothing changes overnight. Inuyasha for instance starts off with a major dislike for humans and has no interest in helping them. Overtime he begins to help humans even when there is no reason for him to help. 

Overall I recommend this series to everyone. It is a great show for elementary school kids up to adults. The action scenes are fun yet hardly ever bloody. The comedy works for all age ranges as well, with subtle adult jokes mixed in with the slap stick comedy. The romance is also very well done, the love triangles are interesting for instance Inuyasha’s first love that died comes back from the dead but after he began to develop feelings for Kagome. It’s a fun show that I’ve watched a few times now. I plan to let my son watch it when he is a few years older, that’s how much I like this show.

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