December 05, 2010


About 2 years ago I got a copy of DanDoh!. I'll be honest, I thought the show was completely different than what it actually was. After trying to get English dubs of Gear Fighter Dendoh, I thought DanDoh! might have been an English translation on the name. While you all sit and laugh at my ignorance to taking 10 seconds out of my day to look the show up before watching it, I can say in my defense that all wasn't lost with the mix up.

DanDoh! is a show about a schoolboy who gets introduced to golf after having a small accident at school while playing baseball with his two best friends. The principal of the middle school sees potential in Dandoh's baseball swing and decides to get him involved in golf. This is what allows Dandoh to stay out of trouble after breaking the Principal's potted plants in the baseball accident. As Dandoh and his two best friends begin to learn the game of golf, they are introduced to an ex-professional golfer who decides to teach them how to be champions.

On the surface, the story makes the show sound very competitive. As I watched DanDoh! I tended to notice that the age range that the show was designed for is geared towards a younger audience. It is very much in line with Ganbare Goemon in terms of the demographic. There is enough competition in the show to illustrate the lesson of healthy competition, but not so much that the emphasis is placed on winning and winning alone.

The show has a lot of lighthearted humor and a very upbeat and positive focus. The characters rarely remain in a state of self pity when they make a mistake for very long and the emphasis on Dandoh's character development revolves around being happy with what you do. Often through the show you will hear Dandoh say "Smile Shot" which is what he has dubbed as his golf swing. He even goes so far as to draw a smiley face on his golf ball to remind him that he is playing golf because it makes him happy, and not to win.

As a whole the show was not too bad. I did end up giving it a lower rating than I would a similar sports show such as Hoop Days. This is primarily due to the fact that I am in an older demographic and the younger shows like DanDoh! can cause my mind to wander. For younger audiences, I believe they would be entertained. The show has music fitting the setting and very nice animation and graphics.

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