February 06, 2011

Imitation Gundam!?!

So normally I post reviews on anime and anime videogames, but every so often I come across a news article that I feel has to be shared with our readers. As you all know by now I'm sure, I am a huge Gundam fan. Naturally when I first heard about the 18m (60 foot) tall Gundam statue that was erected in Japan I decided that my next big goal in life was to go see it. With that being said, I came across an article in my RSS feeds this morning about another Gundam look-alike statue that was put up in China.

Now normally I would be happy to hear that there is another Gundam statue that I could make a goal of going to see, however, this one looks like a piece of crap. On top of that, the park where it was built denies that they ever even had the statue when they were called out on it. They even went so far as to remove the statue.

The best part of the whole incident is that in an attempt to make the statue "original" they added a bunch of tubes and spikes to it. Now the statue looks like a quasi GOUF model; but much uglier.

At the end of the day, I don't think I will be making too much of an effort to see this "imitation" Gundam statue, but as a Gundam fan, I can appreciate the effort.


  1. who dosn't like gundam

  2. Gundam is an awesome franchise, and I am especially fond of the original RX-78 Gundam. It is a little sad though that this theme park would butcher such a classic icon by making it those monstrous colors...