April 17, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie

I've spent the last couple of days racking my brain trying to figure out what I would post on next. I have lots of anime shows and games that I could discuss, but I like to watch things close to when I bring them up on Silent Divergence so that they are relatively fresh in my mind. While flipping through the channels today and getting a little frustrated that I didn't have anything "new" that felt I could talk about, I stumbled across a classic movie that I grew up on.
 As I checked through the channels, YTV had a familiar classic that was just starting. It has been a while since I last watched a movie on television as oppose to popping in a DVD or BluRay. While TMNT is not an anime per se, it has had some anime spin-off renditions in some of its later incarnations.
For those who haven't seen this movie. the story outlines how the Turtles came to be...Ninja Turtles. As the crime in New York City increases due to local gang activity established by the Shredder, it is up to April, Casey Jones, and the Turtles to rescue a captured Splinter and stop the thefts caused by the Foot Clan.
I personally loved this movie growing up. Even now, almost 20 years after the release, I still enjoy watching this movie and the two sequels very much. As I look back on older films such as this one, I can't help but notice that the story lines and sequences tend to be more entertaining than some of the newer films that focus more on higher grade special effects and enhanced picture and sound quality. As a whole, this film is fun for the whole family and is certainly one that is worth checking out for  first timers and veterans of the series.


  1. The first movie was really great and the first games are really fun even to this date.

  2. I agree with that! I liked all of the movies, I think the third was my favorite of them, although many may disagree with me.

    The second and third games on NES were great co-op titles.