October 24, 2010

Resident Evil: Degeneration

OMG... He is back. Back again; Leon is back, with a friend. Yes, it's Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield together in Resident Evil: Degeneration.

I have watched the first two live action Resident Evil movie and didn't get a chance to watch the 3rd one and yet to watch the 3D one. To be honest, the first one I didn't like because it was pretty badly done. However, the second one was actually better and was filmed in Toronto! Although the 3rd and 4th one, I heard it was good but it's just not the same to me. I've played bit and pieces of all the games just never have the motivation to finish them minus chronicles with Bro which you don't need to conserve ammo or solve puzzles.

Over and over again; time after time, "Umbralla" is supposely to be gone and some company comes in and takes over stuff and spawn more virus and you continuously get new monsters and new plots. So this is like a never-ending franchise... Aside from that, this movie pretty much unfolds its story in a similarmanner as the games. So you encounter new characters and zombies along the way.

What I like about this is that it aligns with the game. For the most part, the plot works and seems logical unlike the live action movie. The studio really tries to make the movie as realistic as possible and at one point of the film, I almost forgot the entire thing is actually animated.

It's interesting that for once instead of being directly involved, you get to sit tight and watch the story unfolds itselve. I would recommend anyone who likes action movies or gamers to watch this. "Why," you ask? Because it beats trying to finish one of the games in 96 minutes.


  1. I also watched the first movie and was pretty disappointed. I will definitely have to add this one to my list to watch. Do you think that this is on par in terms of story and animation quality as Final Fantasy VII Advent Children?

  2. i loved this movie... din't like the 2nd live action except for the fact that my hometown was in it

  3. I liked the first live action. It felt scarier. The zombies moving on broken ankles etc. They didn't feel like a dude in a suit shambling around like a drunked E.D. trying to dance to the twist at a christmas party.

    The second was different, not sure it was better to me. Was more campy with the black guy adding comic relief all over the place. I hated the third.

    I own this one on Blu and enjoy it alot. It feels more connected to the games, though even their storylines are getting so twisted its hard to follow. Umbrella just keeps going and always has its little sub offices. Golf Umbrella, Beach Umbrella and the characters always act amazingly shocked. " There is zombies and I have just hacked into the computer system. It can't be...cocktail Umbrella is behind it." WHEN HAS IT BEEN ANYTHING ELSE? Goobers on a stick seriously. That being said I thought that this was pretty cool. The bosses were a little over done for my tastes but I get why people like them. I like the fast action dealing with the zombies, which is also why I liked High School of the Dead. The action in this was very smooth and the CGI was for the most part amazing. Not sure if as good as Appleseed, hard to tell as they are different even though both CGI. Its worth the money for the blu.

  4. I haven't watched the second or third in the Resident Evil series. It was just one of those ones I never really got into. The CGI on this I would suspect is cleaner than Appleseed EXMACHINA simply due to the fact that it is 6 years newer. With the advances in animation and rendering its only natural that a new CGI film like this one would utilize the technology more efficiently.

    As for Umbrella being behind everything, just wait and see Scallywag. The next one will be Towel or Toothpick. I'm sure the writers for the next script are reading your post and picking some random, obscure name just to piss you off and throw you for a loop on the next film LOL.

  5. Yes like EsernyƵ Corp.

    Oh wait thats Hungarian for Umbrella. DAMN YOU!!!!!