September 17, 2010

Oneechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a girl? Well, for most girls, that would be a no... since they are already one. For most guys, probably not for any good reason. How about being a Super Saiyan? For anyone who follows Dragon Ball Z/ GT, that is a may be. BUT, how about playing as a Super Saiyan girl (no, not like Pan who doesn't seem to have the ability to transform) while wearing close to nothing AND slashing things with your katana? Now, we are getting somewhere.

I'm going to be honest here; what prompt me to give this a try is what got every guy to give this a try. By the way, the key word here is "try". Despite all of the negative reviews I have come across, I still tossed this into the 360 and checked it out for myself.
So I am currently at Chapter 6 out of 20 which should only take about 1 hour or so to get to, my Aya (older sister) is at level 72 and Saki (the younger) is 17. However, instead of focusing on the story, which isn't much, I want to talk about other aspects of it.

Let's start with the voice acting. What's up with a game that has the text translated while the verbal dialogue is still in Japanese as in not dubbed over? My only guess is that no actresses wanted to part take in such a game or if they have people, the developer is afraid of ruining the game? Aside from that, there are your emotions in the tune and the voice acting from the actresses, etc. So not much to say other than that.
The other aspect that I want to mention is the Survival mode that allows you to train your characters (so far, I only have three) and to stock up items in which you can bring into the Story mode. This is definitely an interesting feature, which I would actually give praise to in having. It is also something that I don't recall seeing in many games. I have spent about 12 hours in the Survial mode leveling up the two sisters. All that training pays off in boss fights in the Story mode.
Another unique detail of this game is that you actually have to clean your katanas every so often so they won't get stuck in those zombies you try to cut up. This feature I guess would be your equivalent to your reloading guns? It actually kind of make sense from a realistic point of view, though I have knowledge in that area.
As mentioned above about being Super Saiyan, I am referring to the "Rampage mode". If you are using either Aya or Saki after chopping and slashing enough zombies you will go into the Rampage mode, what I would call Super Saiyan. Why I call this Super Saiyan is because that you become so powerful that you can cut through your enemies with one slash. How awesome is that!? Well, it can actually make the rest of the game pretty boring if you stay in this mode.
Lastly, there is the Dress Up mode. It's ironic when boys were younger they would take no interest in playing dress up with girls or would ever want to get caught playing dress up with a female doll like Barbies. So why is this created? It's because this is a service to the fans, which your typical normal gamers would NOT understand until you do some research on this sub-culture character - Aya. I personally probably won't really go in depth with this mode since you actually have to play through this game in length and through different difficulties and accomplish a lot of things in order to change your character: hair colours, eye colours, clothing, accessories, etc.; which will require more time than I intend to spend on this game and on stuff I really don't care too much about.
Now all the being said, I'm going to try and actually get to level 100 before wipping through the rest of the Story mode because I really don't feel like fighting through waves of boring zombies but I do want to know what happens at the end. If you feel like playing dress up virtually, playing as a female super saiyan equiped with katanas while killing zombies mindlessly, sure, go ahead and give this a try as well.
P.S. in trying to keep this PG, I excluded images on this post because you can easily search a ton of them online so if you must, go Google them yourself.


  1. "go Google them yourselves." Which I did ;)

  2. LOL! Good to see your taking our advice haha.

  3. That is what you get when you finish a review at 11:55pm - some errors. It's quite revealing and obviously may not be suitable for everyone.

  4. Its all good. The review was still well done. You are known in our group as the angry one lol jk.