September 13, 2010

Samurai Warriors 2

For those of you who have played any games in the Warriors Series, it should be obvious that there haven't been significant changes in each release beginning with Dynasty Warriors 2. With the huge success of the Dynasty Warriors series, which were based around the Three Kingdoms era in China, KOEI released a similar series based on feudal Japan called.......Samurai Warriors.

Samurai Warriors 2 boasts the same atttributes as the first in the series which is essentially the same hack-n-slash, button mashing gameplay that we can expect from the Warriors games. The only real changes between this game and the first is that they have added some new characters and changed a few of the levels. There is also shop function in the game, which allows players to collect gold through the game to use for upgrading weapons, items, and characters. This has added an element of strategy to the game, since it now allows players to have some more control over their characters attributes and weapons. Previous games in the series caused players to have to repeat levels an endless number of times in order to acquire stronger weapons.

With each new release of the warriors games, there tends to be small improvements. I can personally say that I haven't picked one up yet that has not been an improvement, even minor, than its predecessor. KOEI has found a real calling with this series, and as they have demonstrated in newer releases such as Dynasty Warriors Strike Force, they are seeking new ways to add innovation to the simple hack-n-slash genre.

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