May 03, 2011

The Law of Ueki

So let me begin by saying that there really wasn't a lot at the beginning of The Law of Ueki to keep me captivated. It wasn't until about half way through the first season that I really started to get into the show. The story is premised around Ueki, a seemingly normal boy who inherits celestial powers in order to compete in the Celestial Tournament. His sponsor for the tournament is a teacher named Mr. K who Ueki admires greatly. The special power that Mr. K bestows on Ueki is the ability to turn trash into trees.
I know....when I heard this for the first time in the show I thought it was going to be a stupid power too. It turns out that as Ueki develops his celestial powers, this stupid sounding trait becomes pretty cool. Ueki also turns out to be a Celestial as well, which essentially gives him two forms of power that the other fighters in the tournament do not possess. All of the fighters are competing in the Celestial Tournament so that their candidates can become Celestial King and they can be granted with the Power of Blank.
There were a lot of really good qualities about this show. The animation style was what initially got me to watch this series. After looking at a few pics online, I was sold enough to take some time and watch a few episodes. I also enjoyed the soundtracks for the two opening themes. The only real drawback to this show was that it took too long to really get rolling. Luckily I hate to abandon shows once I start them or I might now have gotten far enough into this series to find its hidden potential.
As a whole, the show has a fair amount of not too violent action and an interesting/different kind of story. It is worth watching but just be patient at the beginning of the series. Season 2 is a little more interesting and continues right where season 1 left off.

So with all that being said....what celestial power would you choose? Watch the show and comment below.


  1. My personal selection for a celestial power would be to turn towels into iron.

  2. my power would then to turn air into fire

  3. glasses lover! LMAO