January 17, 2010

Metal Saga

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I really wished that they would make an open ended RPG much like Saga Frontier. It looks like my wish came true. Metal Saga on the Playstation 2 is very much the same idea of creating your own parties and following the story that the player wants to follow. Instead of just running around with a character and doing combat using only special super human abilities like many of the RPGs out now, this game allows the player to create their own tank or vehicle to pilot during combat. Running around the world map is also done using vehicles. One of the things I really love about this game is the ability to uncover better tanks as you progress through the game. Much like Saga Frontier, if a player knows where to find certain characters, then can make a strong party early in the game before even getting into the story. This same concept is available in Metal Saga when it comes to uncovering tanks. A player can use some more powered up tanks early and put more of their earnings in the game into buying better equipment for these tanks early on.

In terms of the battle style, party selection, and even customization, another great PS2 title that allow for the same gameplay is MS Saga: A New Dawn. This is essentially the same concept of game as Metal Saga except instead of tanks, characters use Mobile Suits from the various Gundam series (hence the MS in the name). Although I haven't beaten this game yet, it has not disappointed me thus far. There is also not the same kind of long time commitment every time you sit down to play that we find in many newer RPG games. If you are in for a light time passing gameplay period or down for a hardcore marathon of play, Metal Saga can deliver on both fronts.

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