January 15, 2013

Hakuoki Season One

Chizuru Yukimura a young woman who disguises herself as a man travels to Kyoto to find her father. Her father is a doctor who has developed an elixir that improves a person’s strength, speed and healing abilities. While Chizuru is in Kyoto looking for her father she comes across a fight between the Shinsengumi and Furies, vampire like creatures. The Shinsengumi soon learn Chizuru is the daughter of the doctor they too are looking for and decide to keep her in their custody. 

This series takes on historical facts, people and places and adds a sci-fi twist to it all. If you're familiar with Japanese history you'll enjoy the historical accuracy in many parts of the show, including the fights and character designs. The animation is wonderful, the character designs are pleasing to the eye and it's easy to differentiate the characters. The backgrounds are detailed and the fight scenes are beautiful. The soundtrack is excellent, helping to enhance the mood of the scene.

I’ve watched this season twice subbed and once dubbed. If you’re planning to watch this show I recommend the sub. The dub is done well enough but I don’t feel the choice of voice actors does this show justice. I found the dub to lack the emotional depth that the original sub had.  Also upon my third viewing of the show I found it to have a slower pace than I originally recalled. There is enough action though to keep male interest throughout and females will enjoy the reserve harem and character designs. 

Overall I highly enjoyed this series and plan to watch the second season which has also recently been dubbed. I've seen the subbed and loved it so I'm looking forward to the dub. The only issue I had with the series is the main character, Chizuru. I like strong female leads or take charge and can defend themselves. Chizuru is always needing to be saved, though she is a very caring person and helps the Shinsengumi in her own way. I found that the other characters kept my interest in the show and it was because of them that I found the series so enjoyable.

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