December 31, 2012

Say I Love You

16 year old, Mei Tachibana a loner who has no friends runs into Yamoto Kurosawa, the most popular boy in school after a mix-up. Mei kicks Yamoto in the face after the confusion resulting from the mix-up and Yamoto becomes intrigued by the strange Mei. What follows is a very delightful shojo anime that is an anime classic in the making. 

The main couple doesn’t waste any time getting together, it happens by the end of episode 2. This show isn’t about two people who like each other for ages and take months figuring it out, no this show is about what happens after the two come together. Mei and Yamoto are both new to love and relationships they stumble and make mistakes like most new couples. It’s very enduring to watch the two grow and learn from their mistakes.

This main couple is truly fun to watch but it’s not only Mei and Yamoto, the secondary characters also have depth and round out the series. Asami Oikawa has big breasts, is teased constantly by other girls and boys only seem interested in her large chest. Mei defends Asami against mean girls and clears up a misunderstanding between Asami and Yamoto’s friend Kenji Nakanishi. Asami is the perky friend who always cheers others on. Aiko Muto is a quick mouth girl who goes to extremes for those she cares for. Aiko is an interesting character who usually comes across as gloomy. More wonderful characters are introduced as the series continues.

Not only does this series have brillant characters but also splendid animation. The backgrounds are never dull and help reflect the emotions of the characters. The details enhance the feel and look of the show, it’s wonderfully done. The music coordinates with the feel of the series, nothing is over the top. The opening and ending songs are pleasant and suit the series.  

Overall this is an incredible series, which I highly recommend.  If you enjoy Kimi Ni Todoke, We Were There (bokura ga ita), Skip Beat, and other slice of life series you’ll fall in love with this series.

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