March 17, 2010

Doomed Megalopolis

This was definitely one of those films that leaves you with a bit of a weird feeling afterwards. Doomed Megalopolis is a retelling of the 1985 Manga Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis. Although the story of this show was not anything overly worth remembering in my opinion; what stood out in my mind was the creation of Yasunori Kato. He is the character in the picture above. As you can tell, he looks a lot like M.Bison from Street Fighter. From what I understand, apparently Bison was created based on many attributes of this character.

The entire story is linked around the notion that Kato is tied to the spirit that guards the city of Tokyo. Essentially there is in infinite loop where Kato cannot rest until the city is destroyed because of the link he has with the spirit.

I'll be honest, this show was a little hard to digest. There was a lot going on and missing a piece here and there made the story difficult to understand. For the most part, it is a good anime but I would only recommend it when you are in the mood to watch something that require a lot of mental attention.

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