December 31, 2009

Someday's Dreamers

I have to start this post off by saying that this is one of the worst anime series that I have watched. It felt like an eternity getting through the 12 episodes. I figured I would give this series a chance since I have watched slice of life style series in the past like Boys Be and still been fairly entertained. This show was very dry for the most part.

The whole series is predicated around these people who are witches. They are only allowed to use their magic powers when a person hires them for a job or makes a request. There is this whole bureaucracy set up where people have to go through a formal application process just to get one of these witches to use their powers to help others. Its more or less one of those kids can do no wrong style shows. There were a lot of instances where these witches broke the rules and got a slap on the wrist. This made me wonder why they didn't do a little more with their powers since they obviously weren't getting into a whole lot of trouble for breaking rules in the first place. The main character in the show is an apprentice under this master wizard. He is suppose to teach her to use her "special power" in order to help people when they ask. She isn't allowed to help then when she thinks its right though, only when they ask.

There were a lot of holes in this series that could have been elaborated on to explain the story better and possibly make it a little more interesting. I have mixed feelings about extending the series another 12 episodes to explain the story further as the first 12 were so boring. Even if you are into the whole drama/romance style anime, I would recommend staying away from this one. It is one of those shows that could have not happened and we would be no better or worse off than if it did happen.

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  1. With Japan having so many rules and traditions it never surprised me that they made so many shows about school going amok. However there is a bunch that seem to want to do that and then get guilty about it and either do a school running amok with rules [kind of against the concept] or total anarchy. Akira falls more into the second is by far a better deal.

    I always found shows which tried to have characters buck the rules but then kind of not, to just be a bit dull and misguided. That happens with shows like A-ko but when they went mad they really went mad with giant robot fights, which was cool.