March 25, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

I have to start this post off by saying that I was not overly impressed with this series. I always have high expectations whenever I watch a show that has GUNDAM in it. Now although I wasn't completely impresses with this show, that doesn't mean that it was bad. For the most part, it wasn't terrible. Not one of the greatest animes that I have seen, but also not the worst.

Traditionally, Gundam has always looked at the use of mobile suits for war, and this was no exception. The way that characters were selected and developed as pilots was much different than in previous series. I will not go into detail comparing this to other Gundam series, simply because I don't want to give people the impression that they should stay away from Gundam 00.

In its own respects, there were a lot of elements that made it a good show. The characters that they created were unique in how they interacted with their mobile suits. Having 4 different factions fighting through the war made the dynamics between characters very interesting. I thought that having the Gundam pilots sworn to secrecy about their real identities, even from each other was a good element.
My only real gripe with the show as a whole was that the characters were so dramatic. The Gundam pilots seemed so depressed all of the time and melodramatic. It kinda made the show depressing to watch at times. The action was also slow. The good fights didn't come until almost the end of the first season.

I would recommend watching this show, but be advised not to go in with the anticipation that this will be like the previous Gundam series. I think that going into this show with an open mind will make it a lot more interesting to watch than trying to find comparisons to the originals.


  1. An update OMG. Has a pig flown ;)

    Gundam is a series I want to have a look at. There are so many series though its a little daunting and time consuming to get involved with.

  2. The nice thing with Gundam is that you do not have to watch all of it to understand what it going on. Each series can be watched independent of the others. I have found that this was a strength with the saga and its development. The story writers were very meticulous in answer all of the questions a viewer might have at any point in any series.