April 04, 2010

Gundam 00 Season 2

After much debate back and forth about whether to watch the second season of Gundam 00, I finally caved and decided I should just get it over with since I already invested some time into watching the first season. I am quite glad that I did decide to finish off the story because the second season was a complete redemption from the first. Season 1 was all over the map and left me more or less unimpressed. I found that with season 2 the writers corrected a lot of their mistakes in areas such as story telling and keeping the plot lines smooth. They also evened up the power on both sides in the war to make battles a lot more interesting. I won't spend time going through the whole story, since that kind of takes away from the whole reason to watch IMO.

Viewers will need to watch the first season to understand the back story that paves the way for the second season, but once you have managed to get through that first 25 episodes, its an easy downhill ride from then on. The second season takes place 4 years after the first one ends. I thought this was a good step forward for the series as a whole since it gives the the context for the entire story to settle and essentially start as a new series for the most part. As I mentioned before. The battles are not nearly as one sided as they were in the first season. There were also more battles which was a much needed change. I found for the most part that season 2 had a good balance of story line and action. I tend to find shows like this a lot easier to watch and get into.

Having watched the second season in its entirety I would recommend Gundam 00 to any fan of the series. Season 1 tends to be slow as mentioned in a previous post but the second season makes up for the short comings of the first. As an entire series it is a great addition to the Mobile Suit Gundam saga. It will be interesting to see if the new Gundam Unicorn series follows suit with Gundam 00 and its new approach to the saga.

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