April 11, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire

I have found that Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire is one of the more underrated games on the Playstation 3. I'll admit that when I first purchased this game a couple of years ago when I got my PS3 I was not overly impressed by the game play. This title is definitely one that requires the player to get comfortable with the controls. Having played pretty much all of the Gundam games on previous consoles this one was unique in how the MS control is designed. The game is entirely third person shoot based.

The mobile suits move very slowly relative to games like Dynasty Warriors Gundam. I actually enjoyed this aspect of the game once I got use to it. This makes things much more realistic than the suits that can fly across the world in 2 mins. I also liked the fact that different weapons have slower and faster shot and reload times. The limit on ammo also makes the game more strategic. The way that the map interface works ties a lot of tactical forecasting into the game. Players cannot jump feet first into a mission without considering which suits they will take into battle and the types of weapon combination that they will use.

A different component to the game is that the story progresses based on a timeline or turn system rather than by beating every single level in the game. This causes players to weigh out how and when to make modifications and repairs to their mobile suits.

One element that does detract from this game is the repetitiveness of the levels. Although each mission is unique, you will have to continually repeat the entire story over and over in order to acquire all of the pilots, mobile suits, and upgrades. I am currently on my third time through the Earth Federation Forces (E.F.F.) story and still have about 50% of the Zeon mobile suits locked.

I would recommend this game to people who are patient and can appreciate a game with a learning curve as oppose to one where you just sit down and play. Be forewarned though, it is very easy to lose track of time once you get into this title.

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