January 26, 2012

Dirty Pair Flash

Enter Yuri and Kei, the 3WA's most destructive duo. This series is a 90's reboot on an 80's original (Dirty Pair).The two main characters, Yuri and Kei, also known as the "lovely angels", are a crime fighting duo with more sex appeal than you can shake a stick at. The Dirty Pair Flash series is broken up into 3 OVA arcs, comprising a total of 16 episodes. While there isn't a great deal of connection between all of the episodes in terms of telling a story, they are still entertaining nonetheless. From intergalactic modeling competitions to rescuing babies from hijacked planes, Yuri and Kei seem to find themselves in a number of odd situations.

There were a lot of strong aspects to this series, most notably the fast-paced action scenes, sense of humor, and sex appeal. While the plot for this series was not anything out of this world, the music, animation, and nostalgia factor kept my attention from beginning to end. Back when this series was coming out in 1994, buying anime in North America on VHS was not cheap or easy, so finding complete box sets was often a challenge. Dirty Pair Flash was one of the first series I picked up when I was younger, and I have been quite determined to watch all of the episodes at some point in my life. Also factoring in that this is a reboot of the Dirty Pair series from 1985 adds a second layer to the whole nostalgia element.

Overall, this series is a personal favorite of mine so I have to recommend it. Those looking for variety should enjoy this; it has a dose of comedy, action, eye candy, and even a little romance. If you get a chance, I would also recommend checking out the original Dirty Pair series as well to get the full Dirty Pair experience.

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