September 09, 2010

Cybernetics Guardian

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Devilman got a computer? One guess could be that the outcome might reflect something similar to Cybernetics Guardian. Cybergenetics Guardian is a one episode OVA about a guy named John Stalker (I know creepy name) who is suppose to die in a military weapons training test. He gets recruited into this society that worships a mystical armour. The armour is fueled by hatred and anger and transforms the wearer into a mythical god known as Saldo.

Basically once John becomes Saldo he rampages the city of Cancer where he lives and starts killing law enforcement officials and even a politician. The idea behind the armour is that it is suppose to take control of the wearer and breed their hatred. Many of the young boys in Cancer were planted with a hatred seed so that one of them might one day become Saldo.

Of course the story is no good if the villains plot ends up working out, so naturally John manages to overcome the armour's hold on him, while also resulting in it losing essentially all of its power. On the brink of death yet again, the armour is exposed to this special element that imbues it with more technological properties (hence the name Cybernetics Guardian). The new armour looks pretty bad ass and some pretty cool weapons. The big addition was the rocket booster. Some of the concepts were a little difficult to understand in terms of how the new weapons developed from being exposed to a gas, but considering the armour is living, I decided not to think too much about it.

I have to say that there weren't a lot of thought provoking ideas in this film. Although it was entertaining, I don't think I will be giving it any raving reviews. It was in line with what I would expect from an anime made in 1989 as far as music and animation style are concerned. The story itself wasn't very deep. I would rate this film as being more along the lines of something to watch if you want background noise. I often found myself playing with my BlackBerry while trying to watch because the story didn't seem to provide enough stimulation. It wasn't a complete waste of time, but I do believe that every anime has role to fill and this one's is background filler.


  1. I have liked some of these single episode or 2 episode shows. Sometimes its its good. You can get a great one ep or 2 ep which would suck if it was stretched into a 10ep series.

  2. I often find that myself as well. OVAs tend to be a hit or a miss. Sometimes they are phenomenal like Spirit of Wonder was or they can be something that you can't wait to finish. I find that lately I have been having bad luck finding OVAs that really spark my interest. Although I am forgiving in the sense that I will watch almost any anime, I tend to find myself choosing OVAs that are mediocre in most cases. This one fell into that category.

  3. Agree and in some cases such as Kenshin, the OVAs provides alternative storylines and additional info for the audience. Interesting enough the Kenshin OVAs were what got me into ending up watching the entire series.

  4. I tend to find that the Kenshin OVAs were much better done than typical OVAs such as this one. They had a series to back them up so there was already a great deal of story development in them. The characters were also developed for the series, which I would imaging tends to take some of the pressure off of the writers when trying to come up with story content. I do agree though that OVAs with the quality and calibre of Kenshin tend to encourage you to want to watch the series even more.