August 22, 2010

Virus Buster Serge

Virus Buster Serge is based around the idea of computers being able to integrate with biology (Ghost in the Shell fans, sound familiar?) Although I find the idea of biotechnology interesting, I am not able to say the same about this show. I have been working on getting through the 12 episodes since January. Its actually pretty sad that I have only been able to get myself to sit through 6 of them so far. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that has made this show so boring, the idea for the story is decent. The animation style is clearly mid 90s which I also enjoy. Much of what this reminds me of is Dominion Tank Police, but more boring. The idea of these virus busting cops who change into Ultraman type suits to fight is not too bad. There is something about this show that just makes it hard to watch.

It could be the fact that the ending in each episode is pretty predictable. It could also be that the fights all contain the same moves and the same kind of dynamics where it looks hopeless for the hero, then suddenly they become supercharged and are practically invincible. This should be a good lesson to writers, viewers aren't stupid, you can make the good guy lose, we won't cry about it. Just make the fights interesting. A lot of the newer shows put more emphasis on balancing out the power between good and evil. This makes the shows watchable. It also doesn't help here that the same cast of "good guys" are the only people we really get to know as characters. This pretty much eliminates any opportunity to relate to "evil characters" and provide another dimension to the story line. If the clear cut lines between good and bad were blurred a little more in this show, it might have been more tolerable and easier to complete.