September 04, 2011


I remember watching the trailers for this movie about a year ago and thinking to myself that we were going to have another failed movie adaptation from a popular video game franchise. While Tekken wasn't a masterpiece by any means, it was still pretty entertaining. Having played the games and understanding the general concept of the story, I had no extensive knowledge of the relationship that there characters shared so it was difficult to determine the accuracy in the writer's plot for this film.
The plot is very simple, in that it explains how and why Tekken City was formed and the mass suffering that surrounds its outer walls. Jin Kazama is the main character, who enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to kill Heihachi Mishima, believing that he is responsible for the death of his mother. Along the way, Jin develops relationships with various fighters who are present in the game, with the ultimate goal of avenging his mother.
From the knowledge that I do have of the game series, there were some inconsistencies between the game and the movie. The first of which being the dynamic between Heihachi and Kazuya. The second being the relationship in general of all the characters. This second area is very much the same thing that the Street Fighter movies suffered from. The reality is, how do you write an accurate story about a game where all of the characters are expected to fight each other.
Overall, this movie was entertaining. I try not to focus too much on comparing these types of films with their video game counterparts, primarily because this will almost always lead me to disappointment. Taken on it's own, this is worth checking out and should provide you with plenty of fights and action, with a little reminiscence from the games.

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