May 31, 2010

Hajime No Ippo - Champion Road

It's been about a year and a half not since I watched the first season of Hajime No Ippo, so I was a little concerned that I may have forgotten some of the key points in the story that I would have needed to understand what was going on. This OVA was well put together since the writers added in some flashbacks from the season to tie in with the story for the OVA.

Basically, the OVA is centered around Ippo's first title defense match. Rather than breaking the match up into three separate episodes like in the series, it was all neatly packaged into this OVA. On a whole the film was well done. There were many times where it was hard to tell if they were going to have Ippo win the fight or his opponent. The music used to accompany the fights and flashback scenes was well selected and the new voices for some of the characters were not too bad either.

It was good how the writers kept the door open for further episodes, or in this case the third season; but did not have a cliff hanger ending. That was one of my biggest problems with the first season, it ended leaving oyu wanting to know and see more but with little resolution. I can say that having watching this OVA has renewed my interest in the series and I will be making the venture to watch the entire third season subbed since that is all that I can get my hands on at this point. Any fans of sports based Anime, and in this case martial arts, should take some time and check this one out.

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