May 25, 2010

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

I have spent a lot of time priding myself on the fact that I have seen pretty much every Street Fighter game, movie, and comic that's out there. To be honest, I had really low expectations of this movie when I saw it and as a result have been putting it on the bottom of my long list of things to do when I get there. I finally decided to sit down and take the hour and half of my life and have a gamble. To tell you the truth, having little to no expectations of this movie made it pretty bearable. For the most part, the story isn't completely awful, granted it is a pretty far stretch from the story that we all grew up with in the original games. The cast of character from the game was sparse, basically making up only Chun Li (duh), Bison, Nash, Gen, Balrog, and Vega. The selection o factors for the characters could have been better, primarily for Bison. I just wasn't feeling the actor in this role. For the most part, He wasn't scary but kinda looked more like a stressed out businessman.

I mean, look at the comparison between the version selected for this movie on the left and the Bison used for the original Street Fighter Movie. The guy they chose here just didn't have the look and demeanor for the M. Bison we all knew and grew up to fear. I won't draw any further comparisons to this movie in relation to the original or slam it any harder. There were some noteworthy points that give this Street Fighter movie some highlights. For example, how could you not love the fact that they got Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat to play Gen. When you think about it, Gen was always a character in the series who didn't get a lot of hype. I'll be the first to admit that I'd even consider using him in the games now because of the turn around on his character in the movie.

The story was nothing to jump out of your seat over. It was the basic good guys versus bad guys, good guys win. There wasn't a great deal of story development for the whole good versus bad, however, there was some great development in Chun Li's character, even if it does deviate from the story we received in the games.

For the most part, I would recommend checking this movie out if you are a fan of movies based on games, but don't expect a miracle. Its a tolerable watch and for the most part a nice way to kill some time. But nothing ground breaking.


  1. When I heard that a another live acttion film for Street Fighters was coming out I was really excited and that it was about Chun Li I was even more excited. The trailer seemed decent and exciting.

    I sat down and wathed it and I was let down. It was passable to sit down and watch to pass time. Or for people who have'nt heard of Street Fighters, but hey, who has'nt herad of Street Fighters!?

  2. Between this and the first film with Van Damme I felt that the first film was better. The story had a lot more to it as it related to the Street Fighter franchise. Although it was still marred with inaccuracies, it still had some concept of what the original story was touching upon.