January 12, 2010

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Without a doubt, hands down, Gundam is my favorite anime series to date. There are a lot of different shows that I grew up on and have a fondness for, but nothing compares to any of the Gundam series in my books. Mobile Fighter G Gundam was an interesting spin on the whole Gundam Saga. It still centres around the whole idea of war, but instead of the Federation/Zeon or AEUG/Titans/Axis conflict that we see in some of the earlier series, we begin to see a tournament style war. In this case, they call it an ideal war. There is no killing and no mass conflict. Each country selects a representative and they participate in a Gundam fight.

The idea as a whole is very interesting, except that they use Earth as the arena and all of the countries are actually colonies that are in space. Much of the themes are still present from previous series like space colonies, earth noids, and of course Gundams! Some of the storyline gets a odd at times such as the whole self regenerating Dark Gundam, while other elements are cool additions like the fact that Gundams are controlled from human movement rather than computer based piloting.

Overall, I managed to get through the 49 episodes fairly quickly. The show is not all that hard to watch for the most part. A few areas where things get kind of dry, but still for the most part, lots of action and good flowing story. Even if you aren't a huge fan of Gundam, still worth watching this one. Its like Gundam meets Street Fighter.


  1. The idea of two fighting for a nation isn't new. Blake's 7 did a episode like that. But still when it is done well it can be a really cool way of telling a story. I will have to look this one up.

  2. It wasn't the greatest series produced, but if you like the whole mecha scene and want to see Gundam in a different light, then it is worth watching. Personally, I still prefer the older Gundam series that are more militaristic and nation army based. The best was still the whole Federation vs. Zeon that started it all; at least in my opinion.

  3. one of the best gundam animes in my book

  4. This was a pretty awesome series.