April 03, 2011


Goofy, silly, and weird are the first words that come to mind when I look back on my experience with Dokkoida. When I chose to watch this show, I was expecting an action based show much like Ultraman. What I ended up with was an Ultraman inspired parody.
Dokkoida follows an intergalactic cast of characters who are testing out power suits for companies looking to make the next big toy. The characters all end up taking on double lives, that continually change the dynamics of their relationships. On one side, they are average run of the mill people who all live under the same roof and have a very family dynamic relationship. On the other side, this cast of characters is testing out power suits for their respective companies against some of the most dangerous intergalactic criminals.
The humor in this show is clean and entertaining. One of the most drawing factors for me was the parody style artwork. I liked the play on Ultraman in character design for Dokkoida. The entire cast was quite entertaining as a whole and fairly interesting.
My final recommendation on this show is to check it out if you want a short anime series that has a clean and interesting sense of humor with a slice of life element.

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