June 28, 2010

Psychic Force

I have to start this one off by saying don't waste your time. I figured that being based off of a Playstation fighting game that received awesome reviews that the OVA should have some promise. I was very let down after spending an hour watching this 2 episode OVA. For the most part, I was lost through the whole thing. The show literally just starts at a random point without any explanation or backstory as to who the characters are and what the plot is.

The entire thing felt like a series of animated events that were not leading up to any climax. By the end I was scratching my head asking myself "who was the bad guy and why?". The only strong thing about this show was the animation style used. I thought that the type drawing style selected to create the show fit well. It had very much the same look and feel as similar shows such as Battle Arena Toshinden and Samuria Shodown (also both based off of games).

I wouldn't really recommend taking the time to watch this show if you want to see something with a little depth to it, however, if you are looking for some time filler or a background show while you are working on something else, this short OVA may have a spot in your collection.


  1. While one can't judge a book by its cover, in this case the box art does kind of lend itself to not trying very hard. Doesn't speak well for the rest of it.

  2. They definitely dropped the ball on this one. Another reason why they should stop making movies and shows after videogames. The animation looks alright for game box art but not up to par for a full OVA.