July 25, 2010


So let me start out by saying that this isn't one of the greatest anime OVAs that I have seen, but its not the worst either. The entire series is predicated around the idea of demons being the natural predators of humans and the need for one "pure" individual to merge with a demon to defend humans. While the idea of having demons living in the ice caps is a little out there, the show for the most part wasn't bad.

This show has a very dark feeling to it, but with a name like Devilman what else do you expect. The animation is a pretty clear give away that this show is from the 80s. Based on our current standards, I would have to say that the story was pretty cheesy, however, if you keep in mind the kind of dialogue and story line used during the time period when it was produced, this show is actually quite good.

I do have to say that the story itself was a little difficult to follow. I tend to find with OVAs that it is sink or swim, the story is either easy to pick up or impossibly confusing. This one is leaning more to confusing. Although I do understand the premise behind protecting humanity from the demons, it was difficult determine the timeline between the first and second OVA. The change in character was also very drastic from the first to second OVA making them feel like two separate shows almost.

Devilman does boast a lot of bloody violence, but not overly gory. The fights are quick for the most part, until the end when the final battles occur, then they are developed a little more. There is a fair bit of swearing and a few tits here and there.

Overall, this was an entertaining OVA to watch. I found myself wanting to continue watching the second after the first. I have even gone to the point of wanting to watch the entire series now just to find out more about the story and what the final outcome is.

I would have to recommend this to anyone who is into 80s style anime and wants something that pushes a lot of the boundaries in terms of violence.

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