March 22, 2011

Desert Punk

Let me start off by saying that this show is not going to be for everybody...
Desert Punk has a very "adult" sense of humor to say the least. The crude mannerisms and jokes of Kanta are what kept me watching the series. It wasn't until about half way through the series that I realized there was actually a story present. For the most part, I was under the impression that Kanta was roaming the Kanto Desert as a mercenary with no real purpose.
I should take a step back and clarify something. The time frame that this show is happening in is during a post war/apocalyptic period. The masses live in the desert with limited resources while the high toting government officials have access to water and resources. Many mercenaries roam the desert in search of lost cities and treasures from the dark ages (this being our time).
The main character, Kanta, also known as Desert Punk, is considered the Demon of the Desert. He is feared by many. It turns out that Kanta is really just a pervert who has a very weak spot for women and getting laid. The bulk of the show is sexual humor, but there are still some pretty good action scenes as well. The cast of characters is pretty interesting  and unique. Music wise, nothing that jumps out and grabs you, but still solid enough to keep the show entertaining and set the mood.
Overall, I would recommend this show. Although it did take me the better part of 6 months to finish all 24 episodes (mostly because I was starting a lot of other shows in between) I do plan to watch this series again because of the humor. Be forewarned though that if you don't find sexual humor appealing, it might be worthwhile to pass this one up.

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