October 17, 2010

Robocalypse: Beaver Defense

I was scrolling through the channel pages on my Wii the other night when I was surprised to find a bunch of new channels that I added a while back but forgot about. It was like finding $5 in your pocket when you put on a pair of pants. I remember seeing Robocalypse on the DS a long while back and never really had the chance to play it. I figured I'd give Robocalypse: Beaver Defense a try despite the stupid title and ridiculous box art.

After spending a couple of hours playing the game I managed to get about 50% of the way through it. Despite the short gameplay, this title is actually quite fun. Its a tower defense game where you choose a robot to defend your headquarters. Each robot has a unique set of abilities such as Rampage or Fake HQ that help in diverting the waves of enemies from attacking the HQ. Support is given to your robot by placing towers that attack the enemy waves. There are a total of 4 towers to choose from and they all have different costs to place. Costs are calculated in Scrap instead of money. The 4 towers are machine guns, scrap converters, missile launchers, and lasers. Each tower has two upgrade options, typically they are range or speed. Enemies can attack towers and destroy them, meaning that you have to scour the map regularly to replace fallen towers.

There really isn't much else to this game other than that. It is a lot of fun to play even though it is short. It is very much the same type of concept as Ninja Town on DS. The storyline here is much like Ninja Town in that you are defending the humans from the Brain Beaver (See image at the top of post). I have read that the DS version of Robocalypse is better, but I will provide more feedback on that once I have had a chance to play it.

And in the words of Brain Beaver "Beating you humans is easier than I thought"

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