October 11, 2010


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving on this day (probably, Canadians across the globe)!!! Now, Ninjatown sequel? The developer - South Peak has asked fans about making a sequel back in May 9, 2009 and nothing has been announced since. Although, there is still no news on this, I will certainly give it a try if they do make one.

Not sure if I mentioned before but I am not a big gamer. With friends and a brother who are, I naturally go with their recommendations when I do play. This one was recommended by my brother.

Ninjatown is a simple strategy game that gets the player to control the town's ninja to fight off Mr. Demon and his minions! It doesn't require much time and each "mission" is fairly short and simple. If you travel with a DS, this is one that will help get by time fast.

There are plenty and enough features in this game and I'm not going to go through them. It's no wonder why it was nominated as one of the best DS game back in 2008. With the Starcraft craze a few months back, sometime it is just fun to play something that is still strategy based but different.

I still haven't had a chance to play multiplayer with anyone yet so if anyone has tried this and would like to tell us about it, leave us a comment. I think Master Ninja is calling for me. 'Til next time.

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  1. This was a really fun game. I spent a lot more time than I should have on my DS with it. I hope they do make a sequel because the first one was really fun even in its simplicity. Clearly the best were the Snowball Ninjas. Stupidest attack in the game and make it a lot funnier when playing. Great tower defense game worth the $20 you can pick it up for now.