August 08, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

I finally managed to get around to watching this movie. I have heard very good things about it from my friends who have already seen it, but I never quite got to the point of putting it to the front of my list. The wait was worth it because this movie was really well done.

One of the things that this movie did for me was provide the back story for me that I needed to fully understand the relationships between some of the characters in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

 The actual story was really well done. I enjoyed the dynamic between Amuro and Char's relationship. The consistency in character appearance makes the series much more enjoyable than many of the newer Gundam series that have no real connection to the originals other than in name. For the duration of the film, it was able to cover a lot of information. This is one thing that I have always enjoyed about the original Gundam series. The writers have always been able to create stories that are well thought out and explained clearly.

The animation was good for what you expect in 1988. The soundtrack to the movie is also what you would expect from Gundam. The soundtrack is primarily orchestra rather than the techno and trance from the newer shows.

I would highly recommend this movie to any Gundam enthusiast. Watching from the original through, this movie ties is very solidly with the series. This is one series that you could keep watching, its too bad that it had to end.

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