August 08, 2010

Eureka 7

I actually ended up finishing this series last spring, but never really had a chance to sit and properly review it. Personally I thought the show put an interesting spin on the whole Mech genre. One of the recurring themes in this show tends to be the connection between mechs and pilots. The mechs piloted in this show are called LFOs. Basically they are anthropomorhic style mechs that use waves in the air called trappers to hover on riff boards. The idea is pretty interesting, because unlike shows such as Gundam where the mechs have thrusters that allow them to fly, the mechs rely on their environment in order to fly. They can also transform into vehicles that loosely resemble cars to move quickly and more compact when on the ground.

The actual story is pretty interesting for the most part. Basically it follows the whole two strangers fall in love and are destined to meet cliche, but it also includes some decent action scenes. I didn't find myself confused or wondering how the different elements of the story were connected together. Surprisingly, when I finished this show, I didn't feel as though it was too long given the fact it was 50 episodes. I also didn't feel that the ending was rushed. Often times with longer shows such as this the writers take their time connecting the dots then rush the ending and try to wrap everything up in a few episodes.

I was impressed enough with this show that I would recommend it to a number of different enthusiasts. Whether you like mech, action, adventure, or even slice of life anime genres I think that you will find this show pretty good. I enjoyed it enough that I am even going to try out the PS2 games based on the series.

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