March 07, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

It has been a while since I watched a Gundam anime. I was going to wait until I had finished watching everything from ZZ Gundam onwards, just to keep the timeline in tact, but I got impatient and decided to watch Gundam F91. 

The way that the story was developed allows you to pick this up with little to no knowledge of the events preceding it. It works very much the way that the Gundam side series such as Gundam Wing and Gundam X do. They do not explain in great detail why people are living in space colonies; so if you want to find out more of the back story, then it is necessary to watch the preceding series. 

The animation style was typical of any Bandai anime of the time, so there is nothing here that shouldn't already be expected. If you aren't sure, just check out Gundam Wing, basically the same type of character and Gundam design. I was really brought in by the story. The way that it was written made it easy to follow and didn't leave me wondering why everything that occurred had happened. The writers did an excellent job allowing this to be viewed as its own separate series/film. Then ending was pretty typical of an OVA where they often times leave it ending with no resolution and a major cliffhanger that will not be followed up on. Even still though, the ending does not cause this movie to be unwatchable. It would have been nice if they had finished it off with some kind of definite resolution, however, looking back, the Gundam shows often leave things open in attempting to keep with the idea that in the real world there is no clear and definite ending to things.

My overall opinion of this movie is that it was well worth the time to watch. I recommend it to more than just Gundam fans. There are plenty of action/fight scenes, but not so many that it takes away from the storyline. The art for the show is phenomenal as is the soundtrack. The ability to watch this film separate from the rest of the series also lends strength to its marketability to more than just series fans.

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