March 03, 2010

Dynasty Warriors Strike Force

Its been a while since I have done a post about any videogames so I thought I would open back up with this one. I picked up Dynasty Warriors Strike Force for the Playstation 3 about 2 weeks ago now. I have to say that it is a game tis does not disappoint. I was expecting the same hack and slash open concept levels that we are use to in the previous versions of the series. DWSF is a total overhaul from the traditional style of Dynasty Warriors.

The graphics to say the least are amazing on the PS3 with HighDef. The music is still typical of the series. THe gameplay is what sets this one apart though. The game is designed very much like and MMO. You can have up to 4 players co-op online now. Also, the online is integrated right into the single player story mode, making the transition from the two modes seamless. The Quick Match option makes it ideal for finding new people to play with at any point in time. They have also added the ability to build and customize weapons, skills, and essentially characters, just shy of creating your own officer like we have seen in other versions.

To say the least, this game is one of the few out there right now that is worth the money new. I would recommend this highly to anyone who is into the DW series and wants a fresh take on the saga.



  1. I have liked the Dynasty/Samurai warriors for ages, but the games tend to be the same with just more characters and better graphics. Its cool to know that they have finally changed that trend for the better.

  2. They have most certainly done an overhaul with this game. A lot of cool new elements. The only thing that is really Dynasty Warriors in this one is the name. Everything else has been revamped for the most part.