May 26, 2012

Peach Girl

The story is about a high school girl named Momo, she has tan skin and hair bleached by the sun. Due to her physical appearance people believe her to be a flirty girl. She has only one friend in school named Sae, who is actually not her friend at all. Sae copies Momo and spreads rumors about her; she even tries to get the boy that Momo likes. The two guys in the show are Toji and Kairi. Momo has liked Toji since middle school and Kairi is in love with Momo after she saved his life.

Peach Girl was recommended to me because it’s a shojo anime and it doesn’t have any sci-fi elements. It’s about a regular girl and her life, even though her life has a whole lot more drama than most. From the start to the end this anime has nothing but drama and teenage angst going on. If you love shows like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, you’d most likely enjoy Peach Girl. There’s a love triangle, a backstabbing best friend, and enough drama for day time soap.

The big downfall for me was the art style and animation. The art style of the series was not one I like; I like the art style of manga artist like Watase Yuu, Kubo Tite, and Hino Matsuri. The animation is rather low budget and could’ve used more work. The movements are jerky at times and the characters have this plastic look to them throughout the series. The dub is also an issue, it sometimes doesn’t synchronize with the mouth movements and a few voices are just horrible matches to the characters look and mannerisms.

Overall I found Peach Girl to have some charm, even with poor animation. It’s only for those who can handle a ton of drama and a female lead who cries way too often. The series is heavy on the romance and heartbreak so with no action or sci-fi element to the show it’s only for those who enjoy shojo/slice-of-life/romantic type of anime. If you aren’t into any of those this series isn’t for you.

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  1. Great review! I've seen a few episodes of this series but couldn't quite get into it. Based on your review though I'll have to finish it off.

    What anime will you be working on next?