August 17, 2011

Full Metal Alchemist the Brotherhood

There is really only one word to describe this series and it’s AMAZING! I totally loved it! From the start to the finish it was nothing but great anime. If you ever watched the original Full Metal Alchemist and felt that it dragged on a little long and the ending wasn’t up to your standards than skip it and move on to the Brotherhood, it doesn’t drag and the ending is fantastic. For the last ten episodes or so I couldn’t stop watching. Each episode ending on cliffhanger and I hated to wait a week to catch the next airing. That’s how great this series is, you can’t wait a week for the next part.

If you have never seen or heard of the show, a quick overview is two brothers who study alchemy and upon the loss of their mother they try forbidden techniques and lose much more than they bargained for. After that tragic incident the brothers set forth to regain what they lost and learn all they can about alchemy. Throughout the series the brothers run into trouble and do all they can to correct things. The story has some very deep human emotions throughout and tugs at your heartstrings; while at the same time has great moments of humor. The fight scenes are well animated and eye catching. The level of romance is kept a minimal amount and not a large part of the story. The main focus is the bond between brothers and friends.

Overall I think anyone would enjoy this series, I don’t recommend it for young children once there is blood and the story would be difficult to follow but for older kids, teens and adults it’s nothing less than a great anime. Pick it up in stores or watch on Adultswim on Saturday nights. Either way just watch it you would regret it.

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