August 07, 2011

MD Geist II: Death Force

So I managed to finish the second OVA for MD Geist. I have to start off by saying that it was pretty painful to watch. As I predicted in my previous post, the strong and weak elements were pretty much the same, with the exception of the newer animation style. The series lost that retro feel and just ended up as more of a modern junky OVA.
The story focuses on another MDS soldier named Krauser. Unlike Geist, Krauser has the mentality to be famed and loved as a savior. Geist does return in this OVA to battle Krauser and essentially destroy everything that he has attempted to build as the humans savior.
Rather than going into all of the elements since there aren't many differences between this one and the first, I'll focus on a couple of key changes. The animation style was more modern and cleaner in terms of picture quality in this one. This was actually a negative for me. One of the nuances that kept my interest in this series was the retro 80's style animation and character design. The other major weakness was the story. To tell you the truth, I had a hard time understanding exactly what was happening. Other than the fact that Geist was a character carried over from the first OVA and the Death Force Army was not causing terror based on Geist's actions in that OVA, there was a great deal of disconnect between the two OVAs.
My recommendation is to only watch this one if you like to add a notch to your belt just to say that you have watched a lot of anime. This was painful for me to sit through and I kept checking the clock hoping it was over soon. While I will give almost any anime a chance, this one will certainly not be getting a second chance from me. I would still recommend checking out the first OVA, MD Geist, but if you weren't completely enthused by it, then don't even attempt MD Geist II: Death Force.

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