May 07, 2012

Advance Guardian Heroes

Advance Guardian Heroes is a GameBoy Advance (GBA) port of the Sega Saturn classic Guardian Heroes. As a side-scrolling beat em' up title the premise is pretty simple, defeat as many enemies as you can from the beginning to the end of the level, advance the next level, and repeat. For the most part, this game is a pretty decent way to pass the time. Having played the original on Sega Saturn, the GBA port doesn't quite live up to the original's standards, but is still a great game nonetheless.

The graphics are about what you would expect from a GBA game, sprite based with somewhat pixelated edges. Not nearly as smooth as the lines on the Sega Saturn. With the small screen of the GBA, it can be a little challenging to play when you get dog-piled with enemies. The colours tend to blend into each other and enemies can appear to be allies. From a replay standpoint, the only real replay incentive is that you can unlock virtually every character in the game to replay through the levels, right down to the simple peons that appear in waves throughout the levels.

Overall, as a title to kill some time, Advance Guardian Heroes is a decent score. If you are able to find a copy on the cheap this is definitely one to add to your collection. Fans who appreciate game history and remakes of classic titles will be drawn to this title.

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