March 13, 2011

Lupin III: Tokyo Crisis

So the Lupin III kick least until I get tired of it that is. This weekend, I decided that I should watch something since I have spent most of the week playing the new Pokemon White on NDS. Tonight I was a little tired so I grabbed the first Lupin movie I could get my hands on since I knew it would keep me awake until it ended.
Tokyo Crisis was focused more on story than action in comparison to some of the other Lupin III films reviewed on Silent Divergence. Lupin and his team try to recover an ancient Tokugawa treasure, the only problem is a billionaire named Suzuki who is more interested in genetics research and manipulation to turn a profit. What makes this story different from the other ones I have seen in the series is the focus on Zenigata rather than Lupin, Goemon, Jigen, and Fujiko. Zenigata loses his badge in this film trying to apprehend Lupin and ultimately ends up working with Lupin in order to get it back. While trying to stop Suzuki, Zenigata is also attempting to save a young woman, Maria, whose father was a scientist working with Suzuki on DNA research. Maria is an integral part to the story and holds a past that puts Lupin and Zenigata into some dangerous situations.
Because of the way that this story was created, the dynamic in the relationship between Lupin and Zenigata had some interesting development. It was interesting to see Zenigata having to live on Lupin's side of the law. I also enjoyed watching Zenigata attempting to have a life and putting his attention to something other than capturing Lupin, in this case it was vying affection from Maria.

The story was a good 9/10. It loses the point because I have been comparing it in my head to some of the other Lupin films that I enjoyed a little more. For those who have seen fewer of these films, you may elect to award the missing point. The animation was geared more to a PG audience than some of the more violent and serious toned Lupin III movies. The tone of the film is humorous so for those looking for a lighthearted film, this may be more for you. Overall, I thought this film was great and I really enjoyed it, I would highly recommend it for those who are looking for an anime with substance.


  1. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. Which of the Lupin films was your favorite?