October 24, 2010

Iron Virgin Jun

Now that's one muscular girl.....

The Asuka family legacy is all in Jun's hands. On her 18th birthday Jun is expected to marry a man chosen by her mother. Asuka women are extremely strong and require a strong man in order to feed off of their life energy. Jun decides to run away from home with her assistant Karata (whom she calles Karate throughout the film). She is chased by her mother and four men who seem to have mechanical crotch belts that take the shape of animals.

Once Jun is captured he and her mother have a final battle to decide Jun's fate, whether she is to marry a man of her mother's choosing, or if she gets to decide her own fate. I won't spoil the story and tell you the outcome.

As you can tell the story is not the most thoroughly developed, as are the characters. It is good that they only made an OVA of this because there just wasn't enough story to carry it farther than that. The animation style is clearly from the late 80s/early 90s. The music is also a dead giveaway of the time period. Of all the elements in this OVA, I would have to say that the strongest is the animation.

For those who are die-hard anime fans, this might be worth adding to your collection, however, for the majority of anime fans, this might be something to put on as background filler when you're doing something else.

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