April 18, 2010

DragonBall Evolution

I have been spending a lot more time watching some of the Live Action movies over the last little bit. I needed a bit of a change but still wanted something that I could write about so I thought I would give some of these films a chance. I have not been a huge fan of Live Action until recently. I think up until now there hasn't been a lot that has caught my interest.

I heard some really bad things about DragonBall Evolution but being the fair person that I am I thought it would only be right to give this film its day to try and impress me. While I don't think the movie was  a complete piece of crap, it came pretty close. There were some elements that I thoroughly enjoyed and others I wish they would have forgone altogether. I think for the most part that the hand to hand combat was not too bad. The battle Ki and "special moves" were a little over the top with the CG but battles were not too bad for the most part. You have to love that they made Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi, that left for some entertainment as well.

I was a little disappointed with the selection for Goku's character. I have not idea who this kid is that they chose, but he was not convincing. In some scenes, it almost seemed as though it was a spoof on a comedy show. I get that they were trying to set the whole scene in this modern style city like what we would experience day to day, but the reality is that Goku was Japanese in the show. Goku also didn't have this split personality in the TV series where sometimes he was humble then extremely arrogant.

The character for Yamcha was actually a pretty goof match for the most part. He had the personality and voice down pretty good.

Overall, I didn't completely hate the movie, but it won't be getting a second view for me. As for my recommendation, I can only suggest not going into this one with any expectations. Pretend that the series doesn't exist and it won't be so bad.


  1. One of my friends told me that a live actoin film for Dragon Ball was coming out. I was wondering how they was going to pull that off. When I saw the trailer for it I was kind of disappointed.

    So I thought I should give it a try to see how it is. But, before I went to watch it. I cleared my mind and pretended that I did'nt know what Dragon Ball was and that there was'nt a series for it. I sat there and watched it and all i could say it that it was ok, almost crappy, but ok. The hand-to-hand combat was pretty good though.

  2. This is actually the second live action film for Dragon Ball. The first one was released in 1987 before the series aired in Japan. I Haven't watched it personally but it actually does look better than the newer version in terms of story and character accuracy.

    I tend to find that most live action films are disappointing in relation to the anime, but like you said, if you clear your mind and put the anime aside, as a film many of them aren't too bad.