June 26, 2011

Megaman X - The Day of Sigma

Megaman X - Day of Sigma is a 30 minute OVA that precedes the Megaman X game on SNES. The plot for this OVA is centered around X, Zero, Sigma, and Vile, along with other reploids from the game, carrying out their duties as Maverick Hunters. Mavericks are robots that begin acting on their own free will and threaten to disrupt the harmonious flow of society.

For those who have played the Megaman X games, X and Zero are pitted against Sigma to stop him and the other Maverick robots. This short film shows the dynamics that drove Sigma to become a Maverick along with Vile as well as the hidden potential within X. This film also helps to tie Dr. Light into the game series a little better as well. This really helped to keep the roots of where Megaman X comes from in the Megaman/Rockman game series.

As a fan of the Megaman franchise, this was an enjoyable OVA to watch. While I haven't played as many of the X series titles as I have the original series, this helped to fill in some gaps for me personally, since I haven't followed the X story as closely. The animation style was much nicer to look at compared to the original Megaman cartoon that came out in the early 90's (although the voice actors are still just as cheesy sounding). Overall, this is worth taking the 30 minutes to watch. While it isn't amazing, it is still very entertaining.

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