June 24, 2011

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi is about a young girl named Miaka Yuki and her best friend Yui Hongo. One day while the two girls at the library, they find a strange book called The Universe of the Four Gods. Next thing they know Miaka is pulled into the book and learns she is the long awaited Priestess of Suzaku. As the Priestess of Suzaku it is her duty to find the seven celestial warriors so she can have three wishes granted, and save the country. The anime follows Miaka throughout her trials. Eventually Yui is also pulled into the book and she discovers she is the Priestess of Seiryuu. Yui turns against Miaka and tries to disrupt Miaka’s path as much as possible.

Miaka falls in love with one of the warriors name Tamahome and of course one of the other warriors falls in love with her and this love triangle last throughout the first half of the series. It’s a great anime about growing up and facing your fears. It’s also widely known for being the most romantic anime ever. So if you’re not into animes where they yell each other’s name a lot I wouldn’t recommend this one. There is enough humor and action though to keep the story from being nothing but romance. It is a series heavily based on character relationships and enough drama to keep you saying just one more episode until next thing you know you watch the whole thing.

It’s an older anime having been made in the mid 90s so the artwork is dated but still decent. It is a very typical shojo romance but it is the best one I’ve ever seen. The main couple goes through so much drama and heartache it just makes you want to yell at the screen. The anime has a few OVAs that tell more of the story after the series but the series itself has a great ending, it doesn’t leave you hanging at all. I high recommend this anime to anyone just be prepared for teen angst at its best.

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