June 28, 2011

Soul Eater

This one I actually started back in ’08 when I was following the release every week. However, like all other ones, if I don’t keep it up, I lose interest fast and I would just leave it on the side. The issue was they were subbing fast enough plus I have been less and less patience nowadays with things can be streamed (available in either high quality or low quality). In short, I just finished this not too long ago.

So Soul Eater was introduced by a friend who at the time was teaching in Japan. It takes place in a unique fantasy place of its own within Nevada, US and our world. In this world, the God of Death has a school (Death Weapon Meister Academy within Death City) and a son, Death the Kid (imagine that as your name, kind of cool) who attends school along with our main character – Maka and company – Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty.

The story is about the “Meister” or Master Maka) and the thing that goes on around her, her friendship with her Weapon, Sou. I found it to be an inspiration work on two levels – one it talks about courage and two, more importantly, the main character is not some weak female character but an awesome, cool, ass kicking one. Just a note, I have not read the manga, but I’ve been told that it’s better so you may want to watch this first before reading it. I haven’t yet got to it yet again being tied up all the time (Not literally). Back on topic, I also love how they picked the voice actress for Maka because she sounds strong and like someone who can kick some asses and not the cutesy type. In contrast to Tsubasa who is more feminine and the voice actress reflects that in her softer voice. There is a good range of interesting characters as well.

Another surprising element is that there wasn’t much romance comparing to the anime nowadays; especially, where it can easily be added into it, which makes it much more enjoyable for me without overwhelming the audience with too many things.

The opening and the closing theme for this one were very good. Soul Eater has a very upbeat in the opening and slower ones (as usual) for the closing but it goes so well with flow of the anime.

Overall it was one of the best anime for that year. In addition, there were a number of Soul Eater cosplayers in the 2011 Anime North. Lastly, because of Soul Eater, I started reading the manga for Soul Eater Not, which takes place at the same time as the original but about characters who just found out their special power but haven’t been able to harness it yet – the NOT class in comparison to the EAT class. If you have not seen this yet, go hurry and watch it. If you have seen it, leave us a note below and let us know your thought on it.

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